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I’m sipping coffee in a family owned bakery’s cozy, somewhat cluttered back office, the air rich with the scent of fresh bread and pastries. Across from me sits Maria, the bakery’s co-owner, her forehead creased with worry lines. “I just don’t know what to do anymore,” she sighs, telling me
Discover the advantages of mediation over litigation in resolving disputes within your business partnership. Uncover strategies to maintain relationships, foster communication, and achieve collaborative solutions that propel partners and the business toward success without the high costs and relationship strain of court battles.

Disagreements and disputes are not strange and rare occasions in the world of business, and many choose mediation as it promises a quicker, more cost-effective, less adversarial, and, more importantly, confidential solution compared to traditional litigation processes. However, contrary to the popular belief that mediation is a silver bullet, several

It has been suggested that conflicts or disputes that involve strongly held values/beliefs are the most difficult to resolve. Is this always the case? Are there specific ways to address these challenging cases and increase the potential for resolution? To answer these questions, it’s essential to understand more about the

There are several key areas that probing them helps better understanding of (and designing) an effective conflict management system: What does success look like in a conflict situation? How can this success be measured? and How should a conflict management system be designed to achieve success? In search of answers

Human beings are survival machines; they, by nature, strive to reduce their discomfort as much as possible. When we are hungry, we search for food; and when in need of protecting ourselves against environmental elements, we secure a shelter. Understanding that conflict is a discomforting difference, any conflict perceived by

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